Entry Level Exams


The National Police Officer Selection Test (POST) tests entry level police officers on four components: arithmetic, reading comprehension, grammar and report writing. The tests have been developed by Stanard & Associates specifically for law enforcement agencies to assess incident report writing skills and predict training and job success. There are alternate forms and self-score versions available to departments and are economical for agencies of all sizes.  PCPA also offers exam study guides.  An agency can elect to purchase study guides for their candidates or provide the candidates the following link and allow them to purchase a study guide directly from Stanard and Associates. / www.applytoserve.com/study

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The National Dispatcher Selection Test (NDST) was developed specifically for use by public safety communications/call centers and may be used by any emergency call center, communications center, or dispatching center through which calls for emergency and/or public safety services are received and routed. The test focuses on five components: reading comprehension, listening, problem solving, prioritizing and multi-tasking.

Promotional Testing Services

PA Specific First and Second Line Police Supervisor Tests (PA FLST and PA SLST) help to identify promotional candidates who possess the relevant job knowledge to be successful supervisors and managers. The cost-effective exams assess knowledge in areas such as:

  • Management/Supervision
  • Major Court Cases
  • Community Policing
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Patrol Tactics
  • PA Criminal Law and Vehicle Code

The exams can be easily integrated into the promotional process and measure both first-line supervisor (e.g Corporal, Sergeant) and second-line supervisor (e.g. Lieutenant, Captain). Each exam has 125 questions (multiple-choice and true/false) and candidate study guides are available to provide test takers with a recommended reading list, study tips and sample test questions. An exam administration guide is also available with step-by-step instructions.

National Detective/Investigator Test

The National Detective/Investigator Test (NDIT) helps identify candidates who posses the relevant job knowledge to be successful detectives/investigators.  The exam assesses candidates' knowledge in three critical areas: Criminal Investigation, Interviewing Techniques, and Relevant Case Law.


Physical Performance Consulting and Testing 

PCPA specializes in providing proactive risk management. Over the past two decades, the science and technology of physical performance management has advanced to a point where we can predict with an 80%-85% degree of accuracy whether an officer will be able to perform the essential job functions, at a minimal level, based on a series of basic physical tests. Click here for more information concerning physical testing.


For more information on any of these exams through PCPA, please contact:

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