The Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association has several tiers of membership for you to stay involved and connected with your peers. Please view Article IV, Membership, of the Association’s By-Laws for specific membership eligibility requirements. Go to PCPA By-Laws, Article IV - Membership.

Annual Membership Fees


One Time Initiation Fee $100.00
Active Member $150.00
Affiliate Member $150.00
Associate Member $25.00 * no initiation fee is required.
Retired Member $100.00
Bulletin Magazine, 4 issues $25.00


Active Membership
All Command Level Officers (chiefs of police, superintendents, or commissioners and those holding the rank of Lieutenant or above) who are full-time officers of municipal police agencies in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or the Pennsylvania State Police; Command level agents or directors of any law enforcement entity of the United States government (FBI, etc.) if, at the time of application, such persons are headquartered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; and; full-time persons with command-level responsibility in any law enforcement agency of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (Office of Attorney General, etc.) Membership includes access to the Members Only Sections of this website and other such privileges.

Affiliate Membership 
Chiefs of Police who work part time, Police Officers In Charge of Police Departments, Directors of Police Agencies, and Ranking officers who have a supervisory role in a police department. This category also includes agency heads of Corporate Security and Police Academies. Membership includes access to the Members Only Sections of this website and other such privileges.

Associate Membership
Open to those persons, who by occupation or personal inclination, share a mutuality of interests with the Association and its membership and wish to support the activities, programs and services of the Association. Membership includes PCPA product.

Active Life Membership
Once you have been an active member for 20 years and have retired, you are no longer required to pay dues.

 Click here to download the Membership Application Form

***all fields must be completed, including REGION. [IE: Northeast, Southeast, Central or West]

if fields are not completed, your membership application will not be submitted for review. 

NOTE: Membership is non-transferable. When your agency replaces the member, the person in the new position must apply for Membership and be approved by the Executive Board.

If you have questions about membership, your membership dues, or received an error message that your membership is past due, please contact Alexandra at: or 717-236-1059 ext. 106
*Membership dues cannot be paid over the phone. Dues can be paid online or with check.