PLEAC Enrollment

The Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association Accreditation Program consists of three phases. 

Phase One - Application/Enrollment
The law enforcement agency and government officials make the joint decision to pursue law enforcement accreditation.  Together, you notify the accreditation staff at the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association.

Staff provides all materials to begin the accreditation process.  Not only does the agency receive the manual, but also organizational materials such as labels for folders and a software tracking program. 

There is a one-time fee of $250 to participate in the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Program.

Contact Andrea Sullivan at: [email protected]

Phase Two - Self-Assessment
The Accreditation Manager will begin the process internally by performing a self-assessment of the agency.  This begins as an exercise in comparison.  The Accreditation Manager will compare how the current policies comply with the Program’s 136 standards.

When the agency has completed the self-assessment phase, it will want to host a mock assessment.  This is a final review to ensure a smooth assessment in Phase Three.

Staff is available throughout the process, offering support and guidance, to ensure agency’s success.  In addition, a state coalition ( has been formed by Accreditation Managers to assist one another.

Phase Three - Formal Assessment
The final phase of the accreditation process is the Commission assessment.  Trained assessors will do an on-site review of agency files ensuring compliance with all standards.  Please note that the assessment is a success-oriented process.

Your accreditation status will remain valid for a three-year period with annual reports required.  By now your agency should be experiencing the benefits of accreditation to include potential insurance savings; stronger community relations; and increased employee input, interaction and confidence in the agency.

Congratulations on your vision to improve and enhance law enforcement in your agency and community!