PLEAC Enrollment

The Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association Accreditation Program consists of three phases. 

Phase One - Application/Enrollment
The application and enrollment process are quite simple. There are no MOU’s or contracts involved. 

Once the law enforcement agency and the governmental body make the decision to move forward with the process, a letter of intent should be sent to the accreditation program coordinator, along with a check for the enrollment fee of $250, if the Chief of Police is an Active PCPA member, and if not, $500 to become enrolled. 

The letter should be signed by the Chief of the agency and co-signed by a government representative, such as a mayor, manager, or other elected official. The letter, at minimum, shall state that the agency and governmental body have reviewed the program and would like to participate. 

The letter should be addressed to:
Accreditation Program Coordinator
PA Chiefs of Police Association
3905 North Front Street
Harrisburg, PA  17110

The check should be made payable to:
PA Chiefs of Police Association

When the letter of intent and check are received, you will be contacted and provided with the necessary information you will need to proceed in the program.

Phase Two - Self-Assessment
The Accreditation Manager you have selected for your agency will begin the process internally by performing a self-assessment of the agency.  This begins as an exercise in comparison.  The Accreditation Manager will compare how the current policies comply with the Program’s 139 standards. When the agency has completed the self-assessment phase, it will want to host a mock assessment.  This is a final review to ensure a smooth assessment in Phase Three.

Staff is available throughout the process, offering support and guidance, to ensure agency’s success.  In addition, a state coalition ( has been formed by Accreditation Managers to assist one another. We urge you to become an active member of the PPAC.

Phase Three - Formal Assessment
The final phase of the accreditation process is the Commission assessment.  Trained assessors will do an on-site review of agency files ensuring compliance with all standards. 

Effective January 1, 2024, all PLEAC assessments will be conducted utilizing the PowerDMS format only.  Please note that the assessment is a success-oriented process.

The assessment team will prepare and present an assessment report for the Accreditation Commission.  After a review by the Commission, a decision whether to award accreditation to the agency will be made.

Your accreditation status will remain valid for a three-year period with annual reports required.  By now your agency should be experiencing the benefits of accreditation to include potential insurance savings; stronger community relations; and increased employee input, interaction and confidence in the agency.

Congratulations on your vision to improve and enhance law enforcement in your agency and community!