Education/Training Classes

There are several training opportunities throughout the year for PCPA members and associates to attend.
If you have an event you want posted and announced contact us at: [email protected]

COPS rural grant training for LE

I am with the Law Enforcement Innovation Center, out of the University of Tennessee. I wanted to reach out to the PA Police Chief’s Association and let them know of a COPS Office grant opportunity.

Just recently we were awarded the Rural Training Center grant by the COPS Office. We wanted to reach out so you could inform your members. Counties of 50,000 or less than are eligible for free training under this grant. Please let your small, rural area chiefs know. We would love to collaborate.

Host requirements include:
- Providing classroom space
- Helping to fill the class with a minimum 15 participants

Here is our brochure: and I’ve attached a more detailed class offerings list.


Emily T. Miller
Program Manager
UT Law Enforcement Innovation Center
1201 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Suite 101 / Oak Ridge, TN 37830  
(865) 946-3219
[email protected]