PCPA Testing and Consulting Programs

Advertising Your Employment Opportunities – PCPA will place your advertisement on our web site under “Jobs.”  Simply email your ad to Greg Bean, [email protected].  WORD format is preferred but we can usually handle almost anything.  We can normally get it on the web within a day or two.  There are many examples of what others post on our website under “Jobs.”  The cost is $150 for a PA police agency for an officer position.  The ad will remain active for up to 90 days.  In addition, we email this announcement to 4,000+ persons who have signed up for this service.  We will send an invoice at a later time. Our Association realizes that hiring candidates in policing has become more difficult than ever before.  We believe that our job postings reach the greatest number of candidates and provide you the best opportunity to find the right people.

“I wanted to pass on to the board members just how impressed I was with the effectiveness of our Police Officer job recruitment ad that I placed on the PA Chief’s website for my department. On short notice (manpower shortage dictated a quick turnaround) and with only a two week window before the test date, we wound up with 68 total test takers of which 41 said they saw the ad for PO employment on our (PA Chiefs) website. The other 27 were broken down between social media and Indeed. This speaks well as to our exposure to job seekers and I thought this survey was worthwhile passing on. It was the best $100 I spent in the whole process.”
Chief Mark A. Toomey
Upper Providence Township Police


Police Testing - PCPA can provide municipalities with a variety of written entry level and promotional exams. These examinations have been developed by Stanard & Associates, a nation-wide leader in public safety assessment and selection. The company has over 30 years of experience in the field of developing content-valid, job related, fair and objective public safety employment examinations.

 Written Entry Level Exams

Agencies now have the option to test entry-level applicants on-line and in their homes.  Click here for additional details: Testing entry level remotely informational.pdf (updated) For agencies wishing to purchase the Online Version of the POST – please use this Security Agreement when submitting your order.  Agencies will also indicate on page 3 of the order form, in Section B for Form Type, Online Form E (if they want to allow candidates to test at home) or Online A, B, C, or D if they prefer the online version and plan to proctor on site.

Please Note:  When ordering any test on-line, you should receive an emailed response back to you within 48 hours - weekdays.  If you do not, there may be an issue with the receipt of your order.  Please resend and call/leave message with testing coordinator Greg Bean @ 717 236 1059 ext.107.

The National Police Officer Selection Test (POST) tests entry level police officers on four components: arithmetic, reading comprehension, grammar and report writing. The tests have been developed by Stanard & Associates specifically for law enforcement agencies to assess incident report writing skills and predict training and job success. There are alternate forms and self-score versions available to departments and are economical for agencies of all sizes.  PCPA also offers exam study guides.  An agency can elect to purchase study guides for their candidates or provide the candidates the following link and allow them to purchase a study guide directly from Stanard and Associates. / www.applytoserve.com/study

 *These Order Forms can be downloaded, electronically signed, then emailed directly from your computer. If you need to create a digital ID Signature, print and follow the steps in this document: Creating a digital signature.pdf

The National Dispatcher Selection Test (NDST) was developed specifically for use by public safety communications/call centers and may be used by any emergency call center, communications center, or dispatching center through which calls for emergency and/or public safety services are received and routed. The test focuses on five components: reading comprehension, listening, problem solving, prioritizing and multi-tasking.

Promotional Testing Services

PA Specific First and Second Line Police Supervisor Tests (PA FLST and PA SLST) help to identify promotional candidates who possess the relevant job knowledge to be successful supervisors and managers. The cost-effective exams assess knowledge in areas such as:

  • Management/Supervision
  • Major Court Cases
  • Community Policing
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Patrol Tactics
  • PA Criminal Law and Vehicle Code

The exams can be easily integrated into the promotional process and measure both first-line supervisor (e.g Corporal, Sergeant) and second-line supervisor (e.g. Lieutenant, Captain). Each exam has 125 questions (multiple-choice and true/false) and candidate study guides are available to provide test takers with a recommended reading list, study tips and sample test questions. An exam administration guide is also available with step-by-step instructions.

National Detective/Investigator Test

The National Detective/Investigator Test (NDIT) helps identify candidates who posses the relevant job knowledge to be successful detectives/investigators.  The exam assesses candidates' knowledge in three critical areas: Criminal Investigation, Interviewing Techniques, and Relevant Case Law.

Physical Performance Consulting and Testing 

PCPA specializes in providing proactive risk management. Over the past two decades, the science and technology of physical performance management has advanced to a point where we can predict with an 80%-85% degree of accuracy whether an officer will be able to perform the essential job functions, at a minimal level, based on a series of basic physical tests.

PCPA is able to perform:

  • Entry Level Police Officer Testing
  • Specialized Unit Testing
  • Departmental Physical Education Consulting

The benefits to physical performance testing and consulting include the department's ability to defend current practices, lower insurance rates, as well as a higher level of professionalism and officer safety and performance.

For pricing and availability to have PCPA staff come to your municipality to administer entry-level fitness testing, or any other physical fitness related needs, contact Greg Bean – information listed below.

For information concerning  Physical Fitness Coordinator Training & Certification and the next class:
click here

Consulting Services – PCPA will provide the following services

  1. Oral Boards - Entry-Level and Promotional oral boards to assist municipalities with the hiring and promotions of police officers
  2. Executive / Chief Searches – Full -Service program that assists municipalities with hiring a Chief of Police, PCPA will assist municipalities with the hiring of a Chief of Police as described below:
  • Preparation of a "Job Announcement" for the Chief of Police position
  • Job announcement emailed to members of PCPA and posted on the PCPA website
  • Receive and screen resumes of applicants
  • Assist with selection of candidates to be interviewed
  • Prepare oral examinations
  • Provide three qualified and experienced Chiefs to conduct, evaluate, and score oral interviews
  • Prepare and present examination results and make recommendations to the municipality
  • Provide 1 experienced Chief to sit in on final interviews of elected officials

      3. Organizational Review - PCPA assessors conduct a review of an organization and provide a thorough
          written analysis

If your municipality would like more information on PCPA Executive Search Services, please contact:

Gregory Bean, Testing & Consulting Coordinator
[email protected]
Tel: 717-236-1059 Extension 107
Fax: 717-236-0226