cNET 2.0 
Rebuilt • Refined • Reliable
Police Records Management System

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Statewide Records Management System.The cNET records management system is owned by the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association and managed by and maintained by DataWorks Plus. CNet 2.0  provides secure information sharing in a single agency or among multiple agencies. Ensures efficient data entry with modern workflow and logically easy to learn operation. Designed as a unified solution and provided on a “Software As A Service” (SaaS) platform.
  • Automated backups of all data with redundant servers
  • Incident-based UCR / NIBRS validation and submission for a seamless workflow.
  • Web-based application: Only requirement is a web browser
  • Cost effective: No hardware, no capital investment
  • No charges for software, maintenance or updates
  • One time set-up fee & then annual fee based on number of full-time sworn officers or equivalent
  • Hosted and accessed by JNET
  • All upgrades & enhancements are implemented at the server level and are automatically and immediately available to the subscriber.

Download the cNET brochure herecNET_2024.pdf