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PAVTN is the only place that has the MPOETC Mandatory In-Service Training Courses ONLINE, plus other outstanding courses such as investigation of human trafficking, investigating missing persons with Alzheimer's disease, livescan fingerprinting, driving under the influence, fingerprint compliance, investigating sexual assault, investigating stalking, investigating strangulation, PA SAVIN, protection from abuse database, responding to a domestic violence call and many more.  The PAVTN currently hosts 73 different training courses that officers can take on-demand.

The PAVTN provides: 

  • Training that requires no travel or schedule changes
  • Training that is based on the latest instructional design
  • Training that delivers a clear and consistent content

There is no more challenging profession than police work. Protecting citizens, preserving the peace, and putting their lives on the line are all in a day’s work. They deserve our full support. Integral to that support is training that is relevant, streamlined, and cost-effective. The result is that of­ficers receive advanced skills, time, and resources to fight crime. That’s what provides: that’s our mission.


In this era, resources are severely limited at every level of government. By bringing law enforcement training online, multiple agencies can share curricula, develop classes that address critical needs, and update training quickly. Training is accomplished using audio narration, video, and inter­active scenarios. The result is that officers gain critical knowledge to improve their skills, serve the public and advance their careers. This vision is taking shape today. The evidence is clear. Online training is the way. A survey found that 94% of PCPA respondents support internet-based training to save time, money and improve mandatory law enforcement training. 


• Safer Public • Cost effectiveness • Less time training

• More engaged officers • Up to the minute information • Expanded curricula

• Better training • Administrative efficiency • 24/7 online access


Our organization is a collaborative effort between law enforcement professionals, govern­ment agencies, and interested private concerns. We welcome your suggestions on all aspects of our operations. We are actively seeking partners in providing courses that address the needs of society, officers, and law enforcement agencies throughout Pennsylvania.

MIST Enrollment

Annual enrollment for the MPOETC MIST courses is required only for officers that were not enrolled previously in MPOETC MIST.  New officers can be enrolled with this single officer form and changes up to six officers can be emailed to [email protected]  on an email listing their name, MPO#, email address Department Name and County. For more than six officers Click here for an enrollment form (MS Excel Spreadsheet). When completed please email in the MS Excel file format as an attachment to [email protected].

Based on Act 67 of 2019, School Police Officers are required to complete annual in-service approved by MPOETC under Title 53, Chapter 21, Subchapter D.  Annual in-service requirements under Act 120 include 12 hours of approved classroom training, annual firearms qualification on all duty firearms, and current CPR/AED/First Aid certification.  School Police Officers who need access to MPOETC classroom training should email their court appointment paperwork, including oath of office, and proof of current employment as a School Police Officer to [email protected] for approval.

Once approved Officers can email [email protected], if you want to use the online courses.

PAVTN Officer Registration

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When completed, email to [email protected]

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2023 MPOETC Mandatory In-Service Training (MIST) Courses Available Now

23-201 Legal Update (Required)

A three-hour course highlighting pertinent court decisions and significant pieces of legislation that affect police operations and investigations. Lessons will address changes and updates to the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, Vehicle Code, and Rules of Criminal Procedures as well as decisions from Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth, Superior and Supreme Courts, various Federal Courts, and the United States Supreme Court. A final segment of the course will focus on topics such as the issue of excessive charging by police officers and the different jurisdiction and authority of the various law enforcement agencies and officers throughout the Commonwealth. The course will also take a thorough look at issues officers have faced which either helped or hindered court decisions and the outcomes concerning such decisions.

23-301 Tactical Communications (Required)

A three-hour course that will help officers recognize and identify components of a crisis event. Lessons will focus on officer responses that help initiate safe resolution and de-escalation of aggressive actions, as well as communication methods and techniques which have proven effective in bringing a crisis event to a safe conclusion through voluntary compliance.

23-401 Criminal Investigations (Elective)

 A three-hour course, structured as three independent sections, that will provide an overview of investigations, including the concept of investigative sufficiency, evidence collection, report writing, and courtroom testimony, as well as an in-depth look at burglary and death investigations.

23-501 Officer Wellness (Elective)

A three-hour course exploring the effects of trauma experienced by police officers in the line duty, with a focus on identifying successful coping strategies that can be incorporated into a personalized wellness plan and highlighting available resources. The course will take a close look at various obstacles impacting officers’ ability and willingness to seek help when it is needed. Themes throughout the course will be the responsibility officers have to themselves, as well as to notice when their fellow officers are exhibiting signs of trauma and the appropriate intervention strategies they can use to help.

The PAVTN also offers several interesting MPOETC Continuing Law Enforcement Elective (CLEE) courses and additional training.  Please go to PAVTN site for additional information.

PAVTN transfers your completed course credits to TACS. Read more

The demands of police work change by the minute.

New technologies, legal issues and information require a new approach to training. That’s where comes into the picture. The state-of-the-art training from can aid every law enforcement agency and professional in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 


If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Ken Zipovsky at [email protected], or by phone at (717) 236-1059 extension 102.