The Pennsylvania Police Chiefs Association is proud to partner with Lexipol – the nation’s leading expert in content, policy, training and wellness resources for public safety and local government with a suite of services dedicated to reducing risk and improving personnel safety.

Lexipol offers mission-critical solutions such as:

  • Pennsylvania-Specific Policies and Procedures - 170+ state-specific policies written by industry experts and kept up to date as legislation and best practices change, with an accompanying procedure guide and framework
  • Online Training - 400 online courses and more than 1,100 training videos, with the ability to easily manage, assign and track training
  • Accreditation Services – Combining Lexipol's trusted policy management solution with hands-on PLEAC accreditation preparation and support and integrates with PowerStandards, PLEAC's required assessment platform.  
  • Wellness Resources - Confidential, customized, mobile wellness app to enhance your wellness culture and support your officers 24/7
  • Grant Services- A comprehensive resource for law enforcement grant research, grant alerts, application help and custom grant writing services
  • News and Analysis - A secure, trusted online source of law enforcement breaking news, expert analysis and product research—all available for free to verified members

Pennsylvania Police Chief Association members are eligible to receive a special discount on Lexipol services.

For additional information about Lexipol, please visit You can contact Lexipol by emailing [email protected] or calling 844-312-9500.