What LEXIPOL has to offer Pennsylvania Law Enforcement

LEXIPOL: Law Enforcement Response to People in Crisis

At the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association, we believe addressing potential problems BEFORE they occur is the key to minimizing risk and protecting the sanctity of life.

The PCPA has partnered with Lexipol, the nation’s leading provider of law enforcement content, policies and training. The company was co-founded by risk management expert Gordon Graham and is focused on providing policies and training to help keep your communities protected and your personnel safe.

Lexipol mission-critical services are offered through:

Through our partnership with Lexipol, PCPA members receive special pricing on Lexipol’s Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Policy Manual.

We urge you to learn about how Lexipol’s web-based solution can make policy management and online training convenient and cost effective for your agency. Contact Lexipol at 844-312-9500 or [email protected] to talk with a Lexipol Pennsylvania Representative.

LEXIPOL Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Policy+Training LE PA Sample Packet 2020.pdf

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