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iNPUTACEThe iNPUT-ACE and iNPUT-ACE Lite software packages provide investigators with powerful tools to manage their digital video evidence. The two dynamic software programs work alongside each other to expedite any case that involves video evidence: from video playback, to clip extraction, enhancement, analysis, report writing, and much more.


CABT Semitrailer trucks play a vital role in the U.S. economy and transportation system, but longer, heavier trucks endanger motorists, weaken our roads and bridges, and cost taxpayers billions of dollars every year in highway subsidies. A leading voice in opposing more dangerous truck configurations, the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks (CABT) is a national, nonprofit grassroots organization that advocates for highway safety and sound transportation policies.


PlanIt Police handles all your personnel scheduling and communication needs. It allows you to template out all employees’ schedules and remove the archaic manual scheduling processes. With PlanIt Police, you can handle minimum staffing, shift trades, overtime, time off, and much more, all with the convenience of the internet. PlanIt includes valuable communication tools such as internal messaging, automated notifications, announcements, and kiosks.




Lexipol is the nation’s leading content, policy and training platform for public safety and local government, with a suite of online services dedicated to reducing risk and improving personnel safety.Our solutions encompass policies, training, funding assistance, and news and analysis, including the online digital communities PoliceOne, FireRescue1, EMS1, CorrectionsOne and EfficientGov. With principal offices in Dallas and San Francisco, Lexipol serves more than 2 million public safety professionals in 8,100 agencies and municipalities across the United States. For additional information, visit


5-Shield Partner

CODY is dedicated to supporting the PCPA as it strives to provide PA law enforcement professionals with the best in education, training, awareness, and support. Click on the logo to the left to be directed to the Cody Systems website.


Business Partner

CRIMEWATCH Technologies is a proven technology with over 140 law enforcement agencies utilizing our platform. The PA Chiefs of Police Association endorses the use of our technology. The CRIMEWATCH platform is simple to use for both law enforcement and the public.


Business Partner 

DataWorksPlus Plus has been providing a wide-range of technology solutions for law enforcement, criminal justice, and government agencies since 2000. Our product offering includes solutions for mugshot and criminal booking management, live scan management software, multimodal biometric technology for identification and verification (fingerprint, iris, facial), facial recognition, case management, inmate tracking, information management, crime scene digital asset and photographic management, and mobile applications including identity verification.

Business Partner

PowerDMS condenses cabinets full of paper into a single, searchable online source that automatically disseminates, collects signatures on, and tracks your organization’s important policies and procedures.

 Business Partner

Stanard & Associates Inc.’s comprehensive online application program handles all facets of the application process. The online system distributes and collects candidate applications, verifies that applicants meet minimum requirements, allows Stanard’s staff to efficiently respond to applicant inquiries, and generates a listing of applicants who are eligible to move on to the next phase of your process. Your staff will spend much less time on the process, and applicant fees can be used to cover the costs associated with the application and entry-level tests, relieving your agency of any application and written test cost.