Central Booking

The new combined full hand livescan and CPIN mugshot unit has been installed at most locations throughout the state. This all-in-one unit eliminates the need for two separate cabinets, saving booking room space, and provides significant costs saving in the purchase price as well as future maintenance costs. Several agencies have chosen this option as a solution to their current livescan unit reaching end of life. Contact Jerry Miller for pricing, phone number and email address below.
In addition to the cost savings on the central booking equipment purchases and maintenance, the Central Booking program also provides consultation, on site surveys, quarterly user group meetings, and training, all at no cost, to any non state agency in Pennsylvania. This covers anything related to establishing and maintaining a central booking site. Forms and documents needed to develop a regional or countywide central booking plan are also available through this program and on the PA Chiefs members only side of this web site.
Contact Jerry Miller, Offender ID Technology Coordinator, at PCPA Headquarters at phone 717-236-1059 or email: [email protected] to apply for these programs or to request information on anything related to central booking.
You must be able to make payment to the The Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association by the end of January each year to be on the maintenance program.
PCPA is a non-profit organization and makes no profit from these programs.


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