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Gregory M. Bean
Testing and Consulting Coordinator
Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association
717.236.1059 ext. 107
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Struggling to recruit? Check out these: 5 police recruitment videos on Police1

Mentoring today’s candidates for the police officer position, may be the positive difference in finding the best recruits for tomorrow.  Listen to this “Police 1”, 20 minute podcast as they interview a Rochester (NY) PD officer as to what worked for them.
Police1-The Importance of Mentoring Candidates through the Police Recruitment Process

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The State of Recruitment Abrev IACP October 2020

Recruiting Strategies and Police Hiring: Finding the right people for your hiring needs has never been easy.  Now, it’s even more difficult.  Click on this link to see a story of how Topeka Kansas Police are using some innovative ideas to better their odds of finding future employees: Kansas police credit new strategies with recruiting success The Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association provides a variety of employment services.  See our testing and advertisement options under “Programs & Services” or contact our Consulting Services Coordinator, Greg Bean, at [email protected] or at 717.236.1059 x 107.